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Joan Banna, a self taught Expert makeup artist, International Trainer, brand influencer, public speaker and Business owner.

Her undiluted passion, for the makeup industry has been a great driving force to build the brand JOJOSTOUCH until it reaches a recognizable pedestal. As a young child, her love for makeup was undeniable, in 2009 during her sister’s wedding she was the makeup Artist for her and 6 others, however at this time makeup hasn’t transitioned into what it is now. Going further in 2011 she did a shoot with couple of friends to debut her brand. For over 6 years JOJOSTOUCH has been evolving and building sustainable influence.

Her total reliability on the help of the Holy Spirit distinguished her and landed her makeup the nick name "DivineTouch"

Jojo's Touch is a multiple award winning makeup artist. Amongst her awards are

  • Garden City Fashion Awards 2014: Makeup artist of the year
  • Face of Candycity Awards 2017: Most supportive Makeup brand of the year
  • La Mode Green October Event Award 2017: Makeup Artist of the year
  • Bellank concept Awards 2017:Makeup artist of the year

The first step in professional makeup is learning about caring for the skin. It is very important to have a health skin beacuase this is the canvas in which we do all our creative work.


The briliant thing about photography is that any one can take pictures, and every photographer has a chance to create images in his or her own unique way.

Makeup Academy

Our Advice to all makeup artist is to specialize in one area and focus on that. Become the best you can be. Work, study and practice as much as you can.


JOJO’S TOUCH WORLDWIDE is a well known brand based in the southern part of Nigeria. We have continuously influenced the evolving beauty market with our impeccable work and great attention to details to deliver even much more than expected of our clients. This brand began officially in 2011 in a shared studio and 6 years later, our fast rising company has a training academy, which has a capacity of 40 students, the hostel which has a capacity of 15 students, the studio which runs of daily with the assistance of our trained professional assistant makeup artist and also our event and photography department.

The JOJO’STOUCH Academy is the power house of JOJOSTOUCH. Our academy runs for four weeks and we have about 7 sessions every year. Our highly intensive training, conducive training environment has a capacity of 40 students. We also have certified and graduated over 3000 students since the inception of JOJOSTOUCH. The fast growth over the past years has been amazing. We are members of the Makeup Artist guild of Nigeria (MAGN) having gained international recognition we are also members of the International Association of Professions Career College IAP (USA). We strive constantly to build the portfolio of our students to enable them survive in an already competitive market.

Redefining the already existing beauty of a woman and building confidence without barrier. Training professionals that will break boundaries in the already existing competitive beauty industry Build a beauty haven


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